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FRIDAY 18-20
Authenticity in mo(ve)ment (Embodied Flow)

Where lies the Embodied Intelligence? Give up most control. Let go of the brain controlling the movement. Don`t think. Just Feel, Listen and reflect from your surroundings and from you inner guidance. The fascia, The information web, is there in the in-betweens of our tissues to support this and to enable the movements to have more grace and fluidity. Find more space inside, more space to be yourself and from that more authenticity in mo(ve)ment

Bones (Embodied Flow, meditation)

Exploring the axial and appendicular skeleton in a Flow, ending in seated meditation. What are bones made of? What is the sense feeling of bones? What is yielding? Bones are the architecture of our bodies, but they are not like building blocks. To Flow from the bone marrow letting it create forms while feeling the music through our skin and muscles into the bones is something worth exploring. 

Embodied Yin (Yin yoga)

Even when we do not "move" at all there is movement, shifts and breakthroughs. It is a skill to be fully embodied also in the in-betweens when we sit with the “not anymore” and the "not yet”. We practice to stay and live in the In-between of birth and death (life), in-between of heaven and earth (your body), in-between your ever unmoving center and the ever moving periphery (NOW), In-between your thoughts (spirit, peace) etc. To Embody it all is the path to Awakening.

SUNDAY 10-13
Heart- I am that (Embodied Flow)

As we have now found a "new playground" for our practice, let`s create space for the unimaginable.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” 
- Hippocrates


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