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Fascianation™ Method Workshop

Mån 6 mars gästas vi av Anthony Cristo. Det är en ära att få vara värd för detta unika event och du läser mer samt anmäler dig via

Coming all the way from Hawaii, join Anthony Chrisco as he takes you on a journey inside your myofascial organ system. Anthony is the developer of the Fascianator roller and the Fascianation Method of self-myofascial release.  His full body rolling process covers over 52 different parts of the body which helps free the miles of nerves and blood vessels from myofascial restrictions that can cause inflammation, pain and swelling while also increasing the range of motion in the majority of the 360 joints in our body.  This two-hour workshop will also include a fascinating lecture on Fascia, Lymphatics and Cancer.  In it he talks about the information shared at the 1st ever Joint Conference on Fascia and Cancer at Harvard Medical School.  Fascianator rollers will be provided and available for purchase after the workshop. 

Anthony Chrisco, BS, ACE, NASM PES, is a Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society, a seasoned certified personal trainer, continuing education provider, co-owner and President of Your Body Is Waiting LLC.  For two decades, Anthony has dedicated himself to helping people improve physically. The first ten years were more about fitness training, education, and helping all types of people reach their fitness goals. He worked with professionals and people just getting into fitness alike, making sure that everyone had a supportive, knowledgable, and capable trainer available to them. His overall dedication to wellness is what inspired his research into fascia. To provide people with complete care and to improve his clients further, Anthony wanted to create a way to use the healing properties of fascia, which is throughout the body.  He developed, trademarked, and teaches The Fascianation Method to professionals and practitioners of yoga, physical therapy, personal training, and athletic training, and he also makes it possible for his clients to heal from home, too, thanks to the self-myofascial release process.  Anthony authored and teaches continuing education courses approved by the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  He was a keynote speaker at the 2013 State Conference of the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Idaho, and has been invited to speak about fascia to organziations around the nation .  He recently attended the first Joint Conference on Fascia, Cancer and Acupuncture at Harvard Medical School.  This was the first conference linking stiff fascia with the development of cancer.  This new research has the potential to change EVERYTHING about how to prevent cancer from developing.  He had the opportunity to share his experience using the Fascianator and the science that these pioneers discovered about fascia and he extremely well received by these amazing doctors and scientists!  This is proof positive that the Fascianator and Fascianation Method are safe and effective means of pain management by decreasing inflammation which can help us prevent cancer! 

Allt material hämtat från Anthony Cristo.

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