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The Science of Letting Go- How to release tension, stress and trauma.

If you are feeling lethargic, always sick, never have enough energy, nothing seems to be going "your way". If you are holding on to stress, tightness, tension, depression, self doubt, anxiety- you might have a tight or overworked psoas major muscle. 

The connection between our body and mind, is incredible. If something is going on in our mind, our body responds to it, and vice versa. 

Whenever we go through stress, trauma, life (!)- we respond with one of the three F's; fight, flight or freeze. With today's society, it's most likely freeze. We are being told to suck it up, suffer through it, power through it and not to talk or cry about things- not letting anything out. 

Because we don't get to let it out, our bodies are in a constant survival mode and after prolong tension of not letting it release, not listening to our bodies, we start developing chronic issues. Chronic issues can be anything from physical to mental, or both. We see knee problems, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, head aches, migraines, depression, anxiety, etc. 

So I've gathered all my favorite tools, tricks and methods that I used to get over PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by rape, terrorist attack, and most of all domestic violence. Been verbally, physically and sexually abused- and I went from being, feeling, and living like a victim to absolutely thriving in life. I have never been more excited about being alive, and in love with all the possibilities and opportunities that I am able to create with my life, than I am right now- and all I want to do is to share this with you. The moment I learned how to let go, physically and mentally, was the moment I was finally able to create the change and the life that I wanted.

I started The Science of Letting Go by teaching workshops and to my clients where I live in Los Angeles California, and it has been amazing. I was then able to expand it and I am now also teaching it to people all over the world; from Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, United States and Europe to name a few. 

I teach about the science of why our bodies react the way they do to trauma, and how to release it with TRE, Trauma/Tension Release Exercise, and through this I've met with incredible human beings who've shared their most personal stories with me and each other, and learned more about themselves than they had first realized. 

Truth is, most of us have experienced some form of trauma. It could even be from witnessing something that happened to someone else, like a car accident. It might have had nothing to do with you, but your body and mind still reacted to it. It could be a friend or a family member going through a hardship in their life, or a seemingly small experience of your own. Or you could have gone through the most horrific situations or life challenges. Whatever it might be, even if it's "just a break up", or you lost someone close to you, our bodies will still need to process it by releasing. We need the tools to clean out whatever isn't serving us anymore, so we can make room for what is. 

I hope you will join me to learn more.


Mandy Martini is a 500 RYT in Los Angeles who teaches vinyasa flow and neurogenic yoga to guide her students in relieving tension and stress. She believes in the strong connection of our thoughts and their impact on the body, and more specifically the psoas major muscle and its significant ties to our mental health and bodily functions. She works and train with the guidance of her mentor Mia Togo and teachers such as Annie Carpenter, John Gaydos, and many more; and you can find her teaching public classes, events, workshops, private clients and online courses to help share the techniques to letting go. 

Dag & Tid: Måndag 14 aug kl 18-21
Investering: 500 kr - betalas med kort på plats
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Mandy kommer att undervisa både på engelska och svenska.